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Lifecolor XS 08 Finnish WW2 Tank Color set

Finnish WW2 Tank Color set

UA243 Kenttahärmaa TY80001 Field Grey

UA244 Harmaaa N:o 1 Grey

UA245 Sammaleevihreä N:o 2 Moss Green

UA246 Heikanruskea N:o 3 Sand Brown

UA247 Siniharmaa N:o 5 Blue Grey

UA248 4BO Venäläinen vihreä Russian Green

PAINTING WITH LIFECOLOR: Dilute color preferably with Lifecolor Thinner or, lacking this, with water until reaching a thickness similar to milk. When pouring the mixturecolor must not fall in drops or lumps but it has to flow easily and softly. Do not dilute Lifecolor with other substances or thinners of other brands because the mixture obtained could not be lasting and could spoil the color left in the pot. When using a color from an old and already used pot it is advisable to filter the product. To paint easily long and thin lines with airbrush it is important to dilute the color with Lifecolor Thinner which contains special dispersants and to fix air pressure at the minimum. A less quantity of air avoids color to dry on the needle of the airbrush while painting. Painting with a brush does not need special tricks. Remember that with acrylic colors it is better to apply many diluted coats instead of denser one.Clean brushes and airbrush with water immediately after use. Possible marks of dry color can be removed by airbrush with trychloroethylene or similar solvents. Lifecolor Thinner does not remove color when dry.

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