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DVD Dealing With Photoetch by Adam Wilder


Photoetched brass has been an effective resource available to scale modelers for over 20 years now. The limitless different photoetched sets obtainable today offer an array of fine details and assemblies that are often too fine to produce in plastic. Photoetched brass allows modelers to add authentic fine details to their models that are still often impossible to obtain on even today’s hi-tech injection molded kits. The problem with Photoetched brass is that it is very delicate. These parts can be easily damaged and lost. Preparing a model for photoetch can also be difficult sometimes resulting in the destruction of an expensive kit.

My new DVD entitled, Dealing with Photoetch, demonstrates a variety of techniques needed to effectively and quickly work with this delicate but important medium while obtaining professional results. Clear hi-definition footage exhibits model preparation, effective usage of tools, soldering, the planning of complex assemblies, and creating authentic battle damage.

This dynamic film takes you step-by-step through the preparation and assembly of a very unique and interesting T-34/85 with intricate thoma shields.  The numerous brass parts and assemblies needed to complete this model display the usage of a variety of tools and techniques that will broaden your awareness making working with this fragile material more enjoyable. Whether you are a professional with years of experience or just starting out, Dealing with Photoetch will be a resource for you to reference again and again.

Ce produit a été ajouté à notre catalogue le vendredi 26 septembre 2014.

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